We have new driver’s uniforms!

driver's uniforms

We have a fresh new look!

When your business is expanding, you got new vans, new staff and a new name…you have to get your drivers new uniforms!

We all love that ‘new clothes’ feeling, so we thought we would treat our guys to new fleeces and work shirts, plus brighten up their style with a flash of orange!

Since our name change, our driver’s uniforms had been displaying our old logo. It was definitely time to upgrade their look.




Work Wear Online

driver's uniforms

We approached Workwear Online to help us with the new design and they were a pleasure to work with. They worked with us very closely so that we could get our driver’s uniforms just right.

The detailing of our logo was particularly hard to perfect because of all the tiny elements. The Workwear online team was extremely accommodating, and it was never too much trouble for them to try out various designs with us until we found the one we loved.

We ordered fleeces and polo shirts and we are so happy with the quality. The drivers particularly welcomed the snug, warm fleece in this cold, wet Winter!


We can also wear your company uniforms

As a transport courier service, we represent our customers’ brands daily. Some of the compdriver's uniformsanies we work with like us to wear their company shirts. As we deliver their goods and interact with their customers we blend in as part of their team. Importantly we represent their brand and they trust us to do this.

We can do this for your company. It is our goal to seamlessly integrate with our customer’s services and create the best impression we can for their brand.

If you are looking for a transport courier company that can get to know your niche product or service and become an extension of your team and brand, get in touch! We get to know you inside out so that we can provide you a bespoke transport service that is flexible and responsive to everything you need.

Use our contact form to get in touch now! 

We can provide you with a quote and discuss everything we need to know about your business.

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