If you are looking for a specialist transport provider, we’re here!

Do you need a specialist transport provider to help your niche business grow?

Are your products high-end or fragile? Do you value the relationships you have with your loyal customer base? Do you pride yourself on the quality of your customer service?

Because we understand exactly what is important to niche businesses like yours, we have created a delivery service that ties in seamlessly with your day to day needs. Not only do we take the stress and worry of deliveries and logistics away from you, but crucially, we free up your valuable time so you can focus on building your business.

Our bespoke delivery service guarantees the protection of your products, and looks after ALL the needs of your customers, just as well as you would!


We are not just a courier service!specialist transport provider

After 6 years of trading, our director Jan Kreft decided that it was time for a new look and a re-brand to help potential customers understand more clearly what they can expect from our service.

A small but important change was to change our company name from ‘Time Critical Courier’ to ‘Time Critical Transport’ to help distinguish between us and multi-drop companies.

We never do multi-drop! We are a specialist transport provider, and the result of this is that we can guarantee your products are always safe.

Each of our deliveries are bespoke for our customers. This means that our drivers learn everything they need to know about your products, enabling them to load and unload with the necessary care and attention. They deliver direct to the destination, with no drops in between, so you always know exactly where your products are.

We are prepared for surprises! Another bonus of our service is that you can make changes to your deliveries at any time. As long as we are in charge of your products, we are available to serve you and whatever you need. After all, we have to expect the unexpected in business!

Get in touch so we can help you now! If your products need particular care and attention in transit, or if it is your customers who need support and guidance at the delivery end; we are the specialist transport provider you need to help you get the most out of your business.

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Or alternatively call us on 0333 880 2365

We are part of your team

Our drivers are so much more than people who sit behind the wheel of a van; they can quickly become an essential support team for you, your staff, and your customers.

The best way to do this is to talk to you. 

If you want to know the most efficient, cost-effective and safe way to move your products…

Call us on 0333 880 2365 to speak to our General Manager Mark Bond. 

Mark’s knowledge and expertise in the transportation of goods means that you can trust him to manage the logistics and delivery of your products, leaving you the freedom to focus on growing your business. He will always take the time to have an in-depth chat, and you’ll feel satisfied he can give you the best service for you.

If you have been thinking about managing your logistics in -house, take a look at our article about why it is more cost effective to hire a third party logistics provider. 

We have a diverse range of skills!

Given that your products and your customers’ needs are unique, our aim is to reflect this in what we do. Importantly, we know that every job, every customer and every day is different. That is why we have an enormous range of skills on hand to help you and we are responsive to any changes you need to make at a moment’s notice. Every van travels with a tool box and we have found they have come in very useful, helping customers out of emergency situations over the years!  We are a specialist transport provider always with your needs in mind. We can even wear your company’s uniform!

Here’s a small sample of our drivers’ skills:

  • Route planning and logistics
  • Detailed product knowledge for all our customers
  • Product assembly – including disposal if needed
  • Setting up/taking down of exhibitions
  • Last-minute emergency support
  • Site clearance
  • Customer care
  • Good banter!

We have expanded to reach you

We are now operating a delivery and collection service in Essex, the Midlands, London, the Home Counties and along the M4 through to Devon and the South West. The beautiful South West of the Uk, Exeter is the site of our main premises, and we also have offices in Basildon, Essex.

Our valued customers

Our regular customers come from the manufacturing and exhibition and events industries. We are proud to say that we have very close relationships with our customers. Moreover, our attention to detail and our deep understanding of their businesses is something they value highly.

Naturalmat  https://www.naturalmat.co.uk/

Algram http://www.algram.net/

Blue Hat  https://www.bluehat-teambuilding.co.uk/

Fisita   https://www.fisita.com/events

Ontour https://www.ontour-fra.de/home.html?&L=1

Buckland Timber http://www.bucklandtimber.co.uk/?LMCL=nPxdW5

JKP Joinery http://www.jkpjoinery.co.uk/

We look forward to getting to know you!

Time Critical Transport