Coronavirus – Letting go of high expectations

How have you been coping during lock down?

For most of us, this time of isolation has led to life slowing down a little. Unless you are a key worker or working for the NHS, business and work has most likely eased off.

If you are a high achiever in life it can be very easy to get into the mindset that nothing will change because of this pandemic. You may have to work from home, or home school the kids, but you are determined to keep up the same out put, and your same high standards!

Or, if you have no responsibilities during this time, the pressure to be productive is high. Get fit! Finally organise your house! Landscape the garden! Write that novel!

While it is good to maintain a positive attitude to the very many things that we could view as negatives, it is essential to recognise that these are extraordinary times we are living in. We will need to accept the change that is being forced upon us and accept that we don’t know what the heck we are supposed to do.

Not knowing what this pandemic will throw at us, and not being certain of what to do in the situation we find ourselves in leads to worry.  Worries and fears can easily spiral out of control, giving way to panic and stress.

We must give ourselves a break and accept that we don’t always have to be high functioning. It is ok to not know what to do.

A calming exercise

If you feel your thoughts spinning out of control, here is a very simple exercise to relieve anxiety.

It relies on you tuning into all five senses and puts an immediate stop to any negative thoughts you have whirring around. It brings you right into the present moment and helps you to refocus.

You can do this wherever you are and it is quick and extremely effective.

  1. Look around and identify 5 things you can see
  2. Listen for 4 things you can hear
  3. Identify 3 things you can feel
  4. Focus on 2 things you can smell
  5. Think of 1 thing you can taste

You can read more about this exercise here in this article from the Independent. 

What will be will be

We can only do our best. Of course it is right to keep persevering and to keep looking for ways forward. But for many of us this is the most out of control we have ever felt and it can be a scary feeling. We can rush into decisions and start to panic that we are not seeing the results we expect.

Taking time to quiet our thoughts occasionally, brings back a sense of calm and allows us space to make better decisions with more clarity.

It also allows us space to feel better about ourselves and the good job we are doing in the face of all this uncertainty.

Stay safe and stay sane!

From all the team at Time Critical Transport

Time Critical Transport