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Why does your niche business need a specialist transport courier?

When choosing a third party to deliver to your customers, you do not want to feel like you are handing your business over to fate. Entrusting an outsider with your precious goods also means they temporarily have a grip on your reputation. And by default, your livelihood.

If you are working hard keeping your regular customers happy with your high-end, niche product you cannot risk tarnishing the great relationship you have built with them by the errors of a delivery driver who knows nothing about your business.

That is why you need to find a specialist transport courier who will take the time to get to know your business and your customers’ demands. Ideally you need someone who will become a knowledgeable supplement to your business, able to support you and respond flexibly to your specific and ever-changing needs.

Here are five ways a specialist transport courier can be invaluable to your niche business:

1. They get to know you.
During your first contact with a new delivery company, you will need to discuss your requirements at length. In order to provide you with a bespoke service dedicated to all your needs, your transport courier should be happy to take as much time as necessary to ensure they understand all the minute details of your operation. It is also vital that you foster a relationship for the length of time that you work together so that you do not have to repeat yourself and restate your needs every time you have a new job. If everyone knows what they are doing each time, this frees up valuable time for you and your staff.

2. Instant information on your deliveries
Whenever your customer has a query about their delivery you want to provide them with the information they need as soon as you can. Your customers are the life blood of your business and you cannot afford to keep them waiting around to potentially develop a negative impression of your service.

A good transport courier should be in contact with all of their drivers regularly, so when you phone the office they can answer your questions within minutes. What is the customer query help line like with your transport courier? If it is difficult to get hold of who you need to speak to, this could mean valuable time lost making multiple phone calls, which is frustrating for everyone.

3. No red tape
You may have had the sinking feeling before when you have wanted to change something about your order only to be told ‘I am sorry but the driver has left the depot. There is nothing we can do about it now’. If your courier is not highly responsive to any last-minute requests and changes you have, this makes extra and costly work for you, not to mention the panic! Life is never straight forward so any drivers you employ should be on the road to serve you for as long as your goods are in their hands. If they are willing to adapt their services to you, the customer, then you can be much more certain of a satisfactory experience overall. Crucially, the service your specialist transport courier provides to your customers directly reflects on you the business. No two businesses are the same, and no two business days are the same. You don’t want to leave anything to chance.

4. You need drivers to learn about your product
If you run a niche business this means you are much more susceptible to needing specialist requirements for each individual delivery. Your transport courier will expect to take all of the detailed information into account for each one; whether this is how to interact with your customers at the point of delivery, or the kind of specialist handling that is needed to ensure the integrity of your products. If you can be confident that your delivery company understands everything you need for them to provide an outstanding service, then you can be certain this will have an exponential effect on your customer’s overall satisfaction, keeping your customer loyalty high.

5. Bespoke to you
You will need a bespoke delivery service in order to be able to ensure your customer care and product quality is not being compromised by multi-drop companies. You want only your goods to be delivered by one driver. If your goods are being delivered alongside multiple others this could mean potential damage to your products and less time spent on your customers and any other issues that may arise for you. There is much less room for error, and much less worry for you when you can secure a bespoke and personal delivery service.

Overall be tough when choosing a transport courier for your precious goods. A customer experience can be tarnished right at the last minute by drivers who do not have your needs as a business as their top priority.

If all these points resonate with you and you are looking for a transport courier who can fulfil these needs, get in touch right away to discuss your requirements at length.

We have a team who are always willing to chat and get to know you, and our experienced drivers love tackling new transport projects.

We are certain we can leave you feeling confident and happy that we can take control of your deliveries and your customers’ experience.

Contact us now and we can discuss your needs!

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